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Iceland: Day 4: Hofn to Egilsstaðir, via the Eastern Fjords!

Today, we planned to drive from Hofn to Egilsstaðir, via the eastern fjords.

We started off from our Hotel in Hofn, and first visited the harbor.  Not much to see or do around here, so we just walked around for 15 minutes before heading on.

The next stop was something interesting from the Lonely planet book.  Essentially, there is a Viking village movie set that has been abandoned since.  I’m not entirely sure it is legal to be going around this village, but there was no one around and no flyers saying “Keep out”, so we set out to explore.  It was a really interesting place.  It takes around 20 mins to get to it through a small road out of Route 1, but if you have time, I would say go for it.  The village consisted of various huts and structures, and the view from the village out to the ocean was pretty nice as well.

Forging on, we started driving through some fjords finally.  Fjords are essentially fingers of the ocean that extend into the land and give you double coastlines (you can see the opposite coast across the water).  Weaving in and out of the fjords was pretty scenic.  We stopped at a pull over to have our picnic lunch (a sandwich from a gas station).

After around 2-3 hours of fjords, the route towards inland, and we spotted some otherworldly landscape and random waterfalls.

The different waterfalls and streams were so tempting, and looked really fresh, so I could not resist getting close and having a sip.  The glacial water tasted sweet, and I am still alive!

After arriving in Egilsstaðir, which is a town in the Northeast of Iceland, we checked into our hotel and decided to have dinner at another close by fjord, Seydisfjordur.  This town was around 20 mins from Egilsstadir, and the drive was again very scenic.   We found snow-peaked mountains covered in waterfalls, cute villages, fjords, and the ocean here.  There wasn’t much else to do around town other than walk around and get some dinner.  We had a veggie pizza at the Bistro Skaftfell, and it was decent.

Post-dinner, we headed back to Egilsstadir.  We found the local swimming pool there too (in fact, every town has one), and relaxed in the hot pools until night time.  We stayed at Lyngas Guesthouse, which was amazing.  The rooms were spotless, and had neat Scandinavian furniture.  Tomorrow, we head for Akureyri!

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