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My Favorite Vegetarian Restaurants in Iceland!

Here is a list of top 5 places we ate at in Iceland that had excellent Vegetarian food!

  1. Gandhi Indian Restaurant, Reykjavik

    This was by far the best Indian food I have had period!  Everything here tasted fresh, like it was just cooked, and wonderfully flavored.  Food is expensive in Iceland, so we ordered only one dish – an Okra curry, but it came with plan rice, dal, and yogurt…what more could you ask for.  We even ordered a second helping of the rice and dal (for free!).

  2. Hraðlestin Indian Restaurant, Reykjavik

    We ate here on our first day in Reykjavik.  We were impressed with the decor, and the authentic Indian dishes.  They even had south indian filter coffee, which tasted great!  We ordered a Channa Masala, which came with rice.  The best part was how it was presented…in old style metal dabbas.  We also learnt that the place was run by local Icelanders, who had visited India, and learnt the cuisine and recipes.

    Hraðlestin in Reykjavik

  3. Indian Curry Hut, Akureyri

    After leaving Reykjavik, Indian food was hard to come by, so we survived on veggie sandwiches (which were delicious themselves…see below!).  Once we reached Akureyri and saw that there was one Indian place in town, we made a beeline for it.  Indian Curry Hut was a takeout place, serving fresh cooked Indian meals.  While there was only one vegetarian choice, it tasted spicy and fresh.  We ordered the Vegetarian Kurma with rice and thoroughly enjoyed it!Indian Curry Hut in Akureyri

  4. Bókakaffi Hlöðum, Egilsstaðir

    While not an Indian or exclusively vegetarian place, I really enjoyed the vibe in this cafe. The decor was neat, and they had veggie soup, sandwiches, and cakes.

  5. Gas Station Sandwiches

    Hear me out here…I know a sandwich from a gas station does not sound good (at least those coming from the US), but in Iceland, they were excellent.  There was always a restaurant or shop attached to any gas station, with a full menu.  Even if they did not list a veggie option on the menu, we were able to request a vegetarian sandwich with vegetables and cheese, and they made a cold or hot/grilled sandwich with all vegetables, cheese, and nice sauces.  These were great on the days we were out driving, and did not want to spend time having a huge lunch.


If you’re vegetarian and wondering whether you’ll be able to find food in Iceland, there is no need to worry!  Iceland has plenty of vegetarian food, and you can find Indian food in the major cities of Reykjavik and Akureyri as well!

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