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Switzerland: Day 2: Montreux to Interlaken, taking the Golden Pass Train

We started off our second day in Switzerland taking the Golden pass train from Montreux to Interlaken.  The train is covered under the Swiss pass, and given the time of the year, was pretty empty.  We boarded the train at around 9:30am, after a quick breakfast at the Montreux train station.

Getting out of Montreux, the train steadily climbed through hills and descended into valleys, with wonderful scenery all throughout.  There were nice little stations popping up along the way.

Eventually, the train stopped at Zweissman, a mid way point of sorts.  We found out that we had to get off the train at this point, and board another train to get to Interlaken.  We had around half an hour in Zweissman before the next train to Interlaken, so we walked around the small hillside town.

After taking the next train, we reached Interlaken around lunch time, and were greeted by the lovely teal river, Aare.  We checked into Hotel Blume in Interlaken, dropped off our luggage, and went out for lunch.  The hotel was centrally located, around plenty of restaurants (several Indian), and was clean and comfortable.

For the rest of day 2, we decided to do an evening hike at a mountain called First.  To get there, we had to take a train from Interlaken to Grindelwald, then a cable car from Grindelwald to First.  The hike was from First to the lake Bachalpsee.

The hike was spectacular.  Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to get all the way to the lake, because the last cable car down was to leave at 5:30pm (we only got there at 4:30pm).  So, we walked about half way there, and turned back.  There was slight rain throughout, so the rain jackets helped.  We could see glaciers atop mountains, cows with bells, green mossy hills, and snow capped peaks.

First to Bachalpsee walking trail
Cloudy with a chance of glaciers

Taking the last cable car back to Grindelwald, we made our way back to Interlaken for the night.  Tomorrow, we visit the Jungfrau region!

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