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New Zealand trip: Day 11: Christchurch

Today was our last day in New Zealand.  We had a flight to catch that night, so we spent the day exploring the beautiful city of Christchurch.

We checked out of our hotel in the morning, and went to the Christchurch botanical gardens.  The gardens had various sections we could walk through, and we spent a couple of hours exploring the rose garden, and various tree gardens.

Christchurch botanical gardens
At the rose gardens

We had a short brunch at the restaurant at the Christchurch gardens.  After some relaxing, we headed out to the Antarctic center.  This is a theme-park like center, close to the airport, that features various attractions such as a blizzard experience, and penguin encounter.  It is a good place to spend a couple of hours, if you are close to the airport.  The blizzard experience might have been fun for someone from a tropical climate, but since we are from the east coast of the US, it honestly felt like spring weather to me 🙂  The penguin encounter had a few King penguins, which look a bit different from the usual penguins I’m used to seeing.

That ended our day in Christchurch, and sadly, our time in New Zealand as well.  We made our way to the airport, and caught a flight to our outgoing flight.

There is so much in New Zealand that I have yet to see, and so much I want to see again, that I’m already planning my next trip back there!

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