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Caribbean Cruise: Day 3: Barbados

The next stop on the cruise ship was Barbados.  Again, I had booked a private car with driver to drive us to different attractions around the country, before dropping us off at a beach for a few hours.  The attractions in Barbados were slightly better than St. Thomas, but nothing spectacular.  It would have again been wise to just be dropped off at a beach so you can relax.

Baby in stroller, we were ready to start going around Barbados!

Our taxi driver today was really good.  He was of Indian origin, but settled in Barbados for several generations.  He had a lot of good information into local life on the island, and what locals do for fun, which was interesting to hear.

Our first stop was a botanical gardens and walking trail in Flower Forest.  The gardens had a very rainforest vibe to them.

We then stopped by the Andromeda gardens.  This one was more like botanical gardens, with a very organized walking trail, showcasing different plants from the country.  If you’re really not a beach person, the Flower forest and Andromeda gardens are good alternatives for the day.

Our driver then took us to a local fast food place for lunch.  We were able to get tasty veggie sandwiches, and could interact with some local kids, who loved watching my baby eat her food from her food pouch.  The driver then dropped us off at a secluded beach and cove, near Carlisle bay.  The beach was practically empty, so we were able to take turns going into the water, while the other watched the baby.  There was also a paved walking path near the beach that we could walk on.

We were then dropped off at our ship, before it set sail to the next destination!

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