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Caribbean Cruise: Day 5: St. Kitts

St. Kitts and Nevis are two sister islands, and the cruise ship stopped at St. Kitts for the day.  I had booked a private taxi with driver for the day as well, but by now, we were starting to get tired of driving around these islands.  When we met our driver outside the ship, we told him that we were interested in going straight to the beach.  He seemed to not like that idea since he was paid to take us on a tour.  He insisted that he would take us to some top “must see” attractions, and then drop us off at the beach early.

The most important attraction in St. Kitts, according to our driver, was Romney Manor.  This was a palace of sorts, surrounded by a botanical garden.

The manor and gardens were nothing special, so we requested our driver to take us to the beach.  We were taken to Calypso beach resort in Frigate bay, which was wonderful.  We started off with lunch at the restaurant there, and were able to rent a covered lounge chair to relax in for around $20.  We had enough time to swim around in the water, and I even tried some snorkeling.  I saw some fish, but the water was a bit choppy.  The beach, surround by mountains, with clear water, was pretty spectacular.

After a few hours at the beach, we were picked up again to be driven back to the cruise.  On the way, the driver stopped by a lookout which offered great views of two sides of the ocean.

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