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Alaska: Day 8: Seward, Sealife Center, and Exit Glacier

We started the day by walking to the Sealife center, which was very close to our hotel.  As we were heading there, I heard a thundering sound of water, and I had to check it out.  Turns out, it was a roadside waterfall.

Continued walking along the beach towards the Sea Life Center.

Outside the Sea Life Center.

This Center was an aquarium of sorts, and had all sorts of marine animals, fish, and birds.  There was touch and play pool for the tots, but my daughter was too scared to touch any of the anemones.  We did get some close ups of some seals, and puffins.

There wasn’t much there to spend more than an hour, so we went back to our hotel for lunch.  After lunch, we drove to the Exit Glacier, touted as the only drive up glacier in Alaska.  Given that we’d already seen plenty of glaciers by now, this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  There was a 45 minute hike to get up to the glacier face (though you can see it from the parking lot), and the hike was nice. It started off easy and flat, along the river melt from the glacier.

It then started to steadily climb.

Until we started getting closer and closer to the glacier.

Pretty close to the face!  All along the route, there were signs on where the glacier had been, and how far it has regressed.  The surrounding mountains were scenic as well, so the hike was good.

After we finished the hike, it was around 6PM, so we headed back to the hotel and started packing.  Tomorrow was our last day in Alaska.

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