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Alaska: Day 9: Seward to Anchorage, and the Aleyska resort tram

Our last day in Alaska.  We checked out of our hotel in Seward, and started the drive back to Anchorage.  Our flight back to Washington was at 9PM, so we had the whole day before we had to return the rental car.  It was a clear day, so we were able to check out all the sights in sunny weather again, and enjoy them.

We stopped at Portage Glacier again, and admired the lake and mountains that were covered 4 days ago.

Baby V, unaware that her vacation is ending… 

Since we had a bit more time, we headed to the Aleyska Resort en route to Anchorage.  There was a tram that could be taken up a mountain, with some restaurant up there, along with lookouts.


The views were great, but the air was a bit chilly, so we didn’t stay for long.

By this time, it was nearing the late afternoon, and we did not want to get delayed for our flight.  So, we drove straight to the airport, returned our rental car, and spent the remaining few hours near our gate.

One week was not enough time to experience this wonderful state, and we’ll be back again!

2 thoughts on “Alaska: Day 9: Seward to Anchorage, and the Aleyska resort tram

  1. Anna

    Hi there! I enjoyed your honest report. Now, I know not to take the Knowles trail often suggested on TripAdvisor. Thank you for taking time to show how scenery is changing and how weather can affect those experiences.

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