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Argentina: Day 8: Short Circuit Drive in Bariloche!

The plan for the day was to relax and explore Bariloche, and continue the short circuit drive in Bariloche that we cut short yesterday.  We first headed to downtown Bariloche to the visitor’s center, to ask for suggestions.  The downtown had Swiss style architecture, and made for some good pictures.

We then continued driving along the short circuit drive once again, and our first stop was Cerro Campanario, a mountain close to Bariloche.  There is a chair lift that goes up the mountain, that you can take for ~$20/person, so we hopped onto that.

Views from the top of the mountain were outstanding, albeit cold!

There was a cute cafe at the mountain top that we relaxed in for a little while, and had some coffee and cakes.  Baby V took the time to run around.

After coming back down the mountain in the chair lift, we continued on the drive.

We next stopped at a lookout over Bahia Lopez.

Continuing along the drive, the road snaked up and down, and we were able to access the bay we had previously seen from above.  The day was cloudy but the beach was peaceful, since there was no one else there.  We took some time to walk around.

We also found a children’s park on the bay, and the adults played soccer, while the kids enjoyed the slides and swings.

Even though the length of the drive isn’t long, you can spend a whole day driving around the short circuit, stopping at various lookouts and beaches.  If you pick and choose where you stop at, you can do the whole circuit in half a day.  While you can rent a car and easily drive the short circuit, there are several tours that take you to various stops on the circuit.

It was evening by this time, so we decided to call it a day, and went back home.

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