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El Salvador: Day 4: Santa Ana to Suchitoto

Our last full day in El Salvador…the plan was to visit the town of Suchitoto, a two hour drive from Santa Ana.  We left our hostel in Santa Ana, Hotel Casa Verde, and drove towards Suchitoto.

Suchitoto was really nice. It had a european feel to it, with a compact downtown. Several restaurants surrounded the central park, where there was music.

We had an amazing lunch around the central square, full of fresh veggies and rice and beans.

After walking around the cobblestone streets of Suchitoto, it was time to head back to San Salvador for our last night.

We stayed at Hotel Rancho Aguerta close to the airport.  The hotel was basic, but I wouldn’t recommend staying here unless you need to be close to the airport.  There was an attached restaurant. That ended our short but wonderful trip to the small country of El Salvador!


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  1. Roberto

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience! We are planning to go 5 days to Salvador in a rented car and you have helped us a lot!

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