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Norway: Day 3: Flam

This day, we did a day trip to Flam from Gudvangen. We started from our lovely cabin (Gudvangen Camping) in the morning, and drive 20 minutes to Flam.

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Our cabin in Gudvangen

After parking near the Flam train station, we went to the ticket counter in Flam station. We had already bought tickets online for the Flam to Myrdal route (you can only buy this 90 days before, and you can use this link). We took the 11.05am train from Flam, which takes an hour to reach Myrdal.

Train to Myrdal
Train to Myrdal

On the way to Myrdal, the train stopped briefly at a large waterfall. We had 10 minutes to hop out, snap some pictures, and jump back on. During this time, a lady in red popped up on top of the waterfall mountain and sang a song.

Stop on the train to Myrdal
Waterfall on the way to Myrdal

Finally, we reached Myrdal at noon. There was a cafe at the Myrdal station, where we purchased some sandwiches and snacks for lunch. I had already booked bikes and a child seat for us at the Myrdal station bike shop. You can do the same at Cafe Rallaren. After lunch, we signed into the shop and were told that the bikes we booked are on their way back on a train from Flam. So we had to wait for around 20 minutes until the next train showed up.

Myrdal station

Waiting for our bikes

Finally, our bikes and child seat arrived, and we were fitted in. The route out of Myrdal back to Flam is easily marked. The first section was steeply downhill, and I had to get off my bike and walk it down in many places. Thankfully, there are no uphill sections.

Riding down to Flam

Outstanding scenery

After around 20-30 minutes of steep down hills, the rest of the 3 hour ride was relatively flat and slightly downhill, making for a very easy ride. The scenery all throughout was spectacular, and this is one of the best ways to experience Norwegian landscapes. All through our ride, we did not see a lot of people. A few bikers passed us by, but that was it. It was mostly us and the surrounding nature and waterfalls.


After we were down the mountains, we found a scenic river to take a short break and eat some snacks.

Taking a break

Closer to Flam, we started seeing civilization again. An iconic stave church that we walked around.

After reaching Flam station, we returned the bikes to the Cafe person there. The train station is right by some restaurants and the port, so we walked around a bit, and found a brewery to relax in, after the ride.

Brewery in Flam

Finally, for dinner, we found some tents near the cruise port serving Thai Food, which was pretty good. This was one of our best days in Norway! I highly recommend the 3 hour downhill bike tour from Myrdal to Flam.

Dinner in Flam

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