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Scotland with Kids – Day 1: Flight from USA to Edinburgh & getting over jet lag

We took a non-stop overnight United flight from the USA to Edinburgh. Some people can sleep sitting on a flight, but I cannot! Luckily, both my kids were able to sleep, thanks to these inflatable beds – they easily fit into our carry on, and I was able to inflate it when my kids were ready to sleep.

Once we landed in Edinburgh International Airport, our Turo driver was ready for us to pick up the car at the curb. If you are planning on renting with Turo, I would recommend you get a SIM card that gives you a phone connection so you can message/coordinate with them at the airport.

We picked up our car and drove to the center of Edinburgh, where we had booked for 2 nights at a self-service apartment. Before we reached the apartment, we stopped on the way (through offline google maps) at a breakfast place & some groceries. We were so tired once we reached the apartment, that we all took a nap! We then stepped out onto Rose street for dinner.

Tip: We found that driving and parking in Edinburgh city was not good. In fact, finding a parking space was very difficult. I would recommend that if you need to rent a car for a road trip, rent it after you spend a few days in Edinburgh so you don’t have to deal with parking.

Rose street in Edinburgh was lively and a good place to stay. We were able to walk around and popped into a few restaurants, only to find out that unlike the USA, most places don’t allow kids after 7PM! Where are kids having dinner then? We finally did find a place called Rose Street Brewery that had a family-friendly restaurant upstairs. I was impressed with the vegetarian options they had including a veggie savory pie, sandwiches, and vegan soups. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for non-Indian vegan or vegetarian dinner.

Walking along Rose Street for Dinner

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