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Iceland: Day 8: Another day in Reykjavik, horseback riding!

Our original agenda for this day was to visit the Western Fjords area.  But since that was at least a 2 hours drive, and we had just driven around the entire country, we were both not too keen on spending more time in the car.  That was when our hostess at Fitjar suggested that we try some horseback riding in a farm nearby!

Icelandic horses are smaller than their American counterpart, and therefore easier to ride.  We went to the horse farm close to our guesthouse, and booked ourselves on a 2 hour ride.

The horses behaved well.  You are taken along with a bunch of other people on a guided 2 hour ride through some countryside.  If you are planning on only spending time in Reykjavik, then, this is a nice short activity to give you a taste of the countryside.  The horse waded some rivers, and streams, and walked through valleys of flows.  We took a short break about an hour into the ride, where we were split into fast riders (gallopers) and slow riders (trotters).  We chose to continue on the slow ride, and the gallopers took off.

We spent the rest of the day walking around Reykjavik, and trying out another heated swimming pool, Árbæjarlaug.  Not as huge as the first one, but still a nice way to end the day.  We spent this night at the Fitjar guesthouse as well.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Reykjavik 🙁

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