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Caribbean Cruise: Day 2: St. Thomas, USVI

After a free day at sea, the first stop on the cruise was St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  Because this was our first big trip with a baby, I had pre-booked a private taxi with driver.  For some reason, I thought having a private tour of the island, in a taxi, with a baby, would be fun.  Well, it wasn’t as fun…there wasn’t much to see on St. Thomas other than beaches, and it would have been a better idea to get dropped off at the beach in the morning, and be picked up at the end of the day.  Instead, we were driven around to some “attractions” that weren’t truly attractive…

Either way, here’s what we did after we were picked up by the driver…

The first stop was a Marriott hotel, situated on top of a hill, which had good views of the Frenchmen’s cove below.

After some more driving around and pointing us to houses that were occupied by “famous people”, we were finally dropped off at Megan’s bay, one of the more popular beaches on the island.  In retrospect, I would have rather come here first thing off the ship.

Magen’s bay was truly a highlight, with clear water and white sand…what you come to the Caribbean for!  Unfortunately, we only got here at 2pm after our island tour, and we barely spent an hour here, at which point, our driver came back to pick us up to drop us off at the cruise ship port.

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