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Caribbean Cruise: Day 7: Back to San Juan

After disembarkation, the port in San Juan was chaotic.  Porters and taxis everywhere!  We managed to get all our luggage, and got ourselves a taxi to go to the airport and pick up our rental car.  The plan was to drive to the El Yunque rainforest.

We were able to self drive through the rain forest, and stop at many attractions.  The rainforest was beautiful and relaxing.

The top attraction in this forest was La Mina falls.  This is a waterfall that you could swim under.  Bathing suits underneath & baby in carrier, we set out on the hiking trail, which brings you to the falls in around 1 hour.  The trail itself was easy towards the falls, since it was downhill, and moderately difficult coming back up.

The falls were busy, and several people were already swimming under it.  We took turns watching the baby.  As I first got into the pool, I realized how cold the water was!  The bottom of the pool was rocky as well.  I went midway through the pool, and chickened out as the water was too cold for me to go all the way.  My husband went next, and made it all the way to under the falls.  He said it was exhilarating, and I regret not getting under the shower.


After getting back up to the falls parking lot, and changing, we continued driving to other lookouts in the park.  Getting above the treeline, we got some nice views of the surrounding rain forest.  Soon enough, we were getting hungry and it was starting to rain, so we took shelter in a local restaurant, and got some rice and beans.

We also got some fresh coconut water, which we drank to some nice views.

We drove back to San Juan for the night, and checked into our hotel.  We stayed at the Dreams Hotel, but I did not find it impressive, so would not recommend it.  The next day was our flight back to the states.  That was the end to our first vacation with a baby!

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