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Denver: Day 2: Echo Lake Park & Red Rocks Amphitheater

Today’s plan was to check out Echo Lake, a park about an hour west from Denver, and then visit the Red Rocks Amphitheater.  We grabbed a cheap breakfast from a nearby McDonalds (croissants and coffee), and started the drive in our rental car.  We drove via the town of Idaho springs, climbing onto Mount Evans, and finally reached Echo Point Lake.  Since it was still late spring, we could see the surrounding mountains were snow-capped, and the lake had a rolling mist on it.  There was a short trail around the lake, that we walked on and snapped several photos.

Echo Lake Park

Typically, you can continue driving past Echo Lake to the top of the mountain, but this road was closed due to snow.  So, we had to turn back and start driving down.

Echo Lake, Mount Evans

We took a different route driving down the mountain to visit the Red Rocks Amphitheater.  This is a natural amphitheater formed by surrounding red rocks, and serves as a popular open air concert venue.  Before visiting the theater, we headed to the nearby town of Morrison for lunch. We ate at the Red Rocks Grill, which had a lot of veggie options, and a nice view of the nearby stream.  After lunch, and walking around the town and grabbing ice cream, we headed to the amphitheater.

Red rocks amphitheater

Because I had not planned as well as I could, there was a concert organized on that day, and we couldn’t get into the theater.  So, we had to make do with seeing it from the outside, and photographing the surrounding red rocks.

We headed back to Denver, to our hotel to relax a bit, before heading out again.  We walked to the 16th street mall, where there was a free music festival going on.  Several food trucks were available, and we tried some funnel cakes, and spicy fries.

We continued our tour from yesterday of the different breweries, and walked to the Denver Beer Company.  It was crowded, and had a good selection of drinks.  For dinner, we went to Biju’s little curry shop, a fusion-indian place that was highly rated, but I was not a big fan of the food.  We wrapped up the night at First Draft Taproom, a self serve bar that offered a unique experience.

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