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Alaska: Day 6: Anchorage to Seward, via Portage Glacier

Our plan for the day was to continue driving south towards the town of Seward, stopping along the way at various attractions as mentioned in our Lonely Planet book.

This day was also a bit cloudy, so we did not take too many stops.  The drive to Seward was only 2 hours, but with stops, it can take a whole day.  We had a slow start out of Anchorage, and started to drive down.  We first stopped at a lookout point on the Seward highway, with a backdrop of the mountains and bay.

We then stopped at the Portage Glacier Visitor Center.  While it was obvious that the glacier, pool, and mountains were strikingly beautiful, the rain made us run inside.

The Portage Glacier visitor center had a cafe which had veggie sandwiches and soup, so we had lunch there.  After lunch, we stopped at a river close to the glacier, that had other glaciers overlooking it.

Finally, we continued our drive all the way to Seward, the entrance to the Kenai Fjords National Park.  Our place for the next 3 nights was the Taroka Inn.  For a reasonable price, we were offered a one bedroom suite, that had two sleeping areas, a full kitchen, and a dining area.  Our room also had a private entrance to the back, by our car parking, so that was convenient.  The host was also nice, and offered us free cooking supplies.  The decor was a bit outdated, and so was the kitchen, so if you’re looking for something modern, this might not be your place.  But, it served us well.

Seward was a large town, and had good shopping areas.  We visited the SafeWay, and got some groceries.  We were even able to find some Indian groceries like Basmati Rice, and spices like Turmeric and Cumin powder.  For the next 3 days, we were finally able to enjoy home cooked Indian food!

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