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Argentina for 15 days, with a toddler!

We visited the beautiful country of Argentina in 2016, with our toddler Baby V!  Argentina is a large country, and it was hard to plan to see a lot of places, since we did not want to move around often with a baby.  So, we narrowed it down to 4 regions – Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Bariloche, and El Calafate in Patagonia.  I was really tempted to include the Salta region because it looked spectacular, but 15 days was not enough.  Here is our itinerary:

Here’s a quick video on our trip to Argentinian Patagonia!

Being vegetarian on the other hand was manageable, especially since we ended up making our own meals most of the time – Traveling Vegetarian in Argentina!

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A map of our itinerary:

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  1. subashini

    Wow ! Excellent writing and blogging all your trips Pavithra ! Thanks for sharing all your experiences and you guys rock !

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