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Argentina: Day 1: Arrival at Buenos Aires

Our two week trip to Argentina started with a long flight into Buenos Aires, landing around 10 in the morning.  Pre-paid taxis were available at the Airport, and we took the Ezeiza Airport Taxi, which only accepted cash.  There was a cash exchange counter at the Ezeiza Airport, where we were able to get Argentian pesos.  I had reserved a B&B in Buenos Aires, so we headed there directly. The 3 bedroom apartment was amazing, with a full stocked kitchen, laundry, and air-conditioning.  If you’re traveling with a baby, a kitchen is a must!

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We met our traveling companions, my sister-in-law and her family at the apartment, and caught up with them.  Eventually, we were starting to get hungry, so we had to find a place to eat.  Our traveling party was a mix of vegetarians, gluten-free, carnivores, and baby-food eating toddlers. We headed to SinTaxis, a gluten-free restaurant that had good reviews and veggie options, and we were not disappointed.

We then took a taxi to the Botanical and Japanese gardens.  Taxis only accept Arg pesos cash, so we had to make sure we had enough.

Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires

Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires

Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires

Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires

We did not find the garden too impressive.  It was small, and we were able to walk around in 30 minutes.  It was also really hot outside, so we decided to call it a day, and head back to the apartment.

Our plan for food in Argentina was to cook dinners in the apartments/hotels, so that we didn’t have to worry about finding vegetarian food, or baby food for our toddler.  We managed to find lunch outside, and veggie options weren’t a problem.  To make dinner exciting, I had carried several Indian spices along with me.  There was a super market close to our apartment, and we were able to find white rice, and fresh vegetables.  A yummy Indian dinner was cooked that night! Click here to read more about traveling vegetarian in Argentina!

2 thoughts on “Argentina: Day 1: Arrival at Buenos Aires

  1. Candice F

    coming from the US/NY etc, we had seen plenty of impressive Japanese Gardens .. but I still was charmed by the gardens in BA. Serene and quiet and clean … there is beauty in a garden no matter what size it is.

    1. ps376 Post author

      That’s true, Candice. I think we were tired from our flight, and it was insanely hot that day. So, we didn’t enjoy it as much.

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