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Argentina: Day 3: Buenos Aires and the Aerolineas Argentinas Labor Strike

The original plan for the day was to catch a morning flight to Iguazu, to visit the famous Iguazu falls.  But the universe had other plans for us…

We checked out of our apartment in the morning, and headed to the Domestic Airport AEP to catch our flight, only to find out that all flights had been cancelled because of a labor strike!  The airport was a mess, and there was no one working who could rebook us on a different flight, and with no place to stay, we were essentially stranded there…Thankfully, Baby V felt like napping.

Sleeping in Buenos Aires Airport

Thankfully, the airport had free wi-fi, and I booked a hotel room on for us to and stay for the night, until we figured out what to do next.  This involved making some phone calls to the lady, who only spoke Spanish (thankfully, there was a pay phone at the airport that I could use). We took a taxi to the apartment I had booked, and spent the rest of the day, figuring out our plan forward.  The labor strike was lifted after noon, and we were automatically re-booked on a flight to Iguazu the next day evening.  That meant that our entire itinerary had to now change, and we were on the phone with the airline, rebooking all the other legs, and with the hotels, to rebook the nights.  In the end, it all worked out, and we were able to cover all the places we wanted to cover.

The apartment I had booked was a bit small, cheaply priced, and located in a busy area, and had a kitchen, and beds for all of us.  I was not too impressed by the space, so I am not going to recommend it here.

That night, we walked around the apartment in a nearby park, Plaza San Martin, which had a children’s play area and some monuments.

Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires

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