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Argentina: Day 15: Back to Buenos Aires

The only agenda for the day was to fly back to Buenos Aires.  We had an evening flight into the city, so we just relaxed, packed, cooked a full lunch, and stayed in until then. After lunch, we drove to the airport, returned our rental car, and checked into our flight.

The flight to Buenos Aires was around 3 hours since we were flying in from the south of the country.  We landed in BA around 9pm and went to our apartment for the night, Laprida Suites.  It was a duplex apartment, with a kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and even a balcony.

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Since it was New Year’s eve, and we landed late at night, none of the stores or restaurants were open.  Thankfully, I had packed dinner for Baby V from El Calafate.  After some hunting around, we were able to find some take out pizza. We could not find a grocery store for milk though, so I had to use the that I carried for such emergencies.

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The next day was pretty uneventful.  We had a leisurely brunch at a nearby cafe, walked around some parks, and then headed to the airport to catch our flight back to the states.  That was the end to our 15 day trip to Argentina!

6 thoughts on “Argentina: Day 15: Back to Buenos Aires

  1. Nicole

    Hi! I would love to get more details on your trip if possible. We are planning to go to South America with our toddler in December and your itinerary sounds great!

    1. ps376 Post author

      Hi Nicole! Thanks for reading! Sure, ask away if you have any specific questions. Argentina was very baby-friendly!

  2. Jenna Leigh

    I’m going in September with an 23-month-old and an almost 4-year-old, I’ll be back with questions! I am so thankful you documented your trip. It’s helped me so much already.

  3. aly

    Hi, this is such a great blog. We’re going with our 18month old daughter in April. We plan to do BA and Iguazu. You really helpfully talked about flat paths and age restrictions for boat trips. Do you think we need a heavy duty stroller? And are there decent fences up around the falls if she wants to walk around? Also, did you bring a car seat for all the taxi journeys you did? Many thanks in advance.

    1. ps376 Post author

      Hello! I don’t think you need a heavy duty stroller (an umbrella stroller should do). At Iguazu, we were able to get by with no stroller to most places. A carrier would be a plus for some of the trails (most were not stroller friendly). We did take a car seat since we did a rental car in most places. In Iguazu, we booked a car with a driver, and used our car seat in that car. In BA, I don’t think we used a car seat in the taxis, IIRC. Have fun!

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