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Traveling Vegetarian in Argentina!

Argentina is not really known for its vegetarian food.  That said, we were able to manage with enough variety of vegetarian food in our 15 days there.  Here is breakdown of some of the things we ate:

There are good number of pure vegetarian, or vegetarian friendly and organic/healthy restaurants in Argentina, especially Buenos Aires.  Some of the places we tried were Sin Taxis in Buenos Aires (gluten free & veggie friendly), Punta Panaramino in Bariloche, Ananda Bar in El Calafate, and Prana Bar in El Chalten.

Prana Bar, El Chalten

Even in other restaurants, we could always find a veggie pasta, sandwich, soup or pizza.  If you’re not too picky on what you eat, then, you will have no problem finding veggie food in any restaurant.

We made it a point to cook at least one meal in the day (sometimes two).  Going to restaurants with a toddler was an event in itself, so we found the idea of letting her run around in the house while we could enjoy home cooked food, good.  I had carried some spices in small bottles with me from home (turmeric, cumin powder, cumin seeds, red chilly powder, asafoetida, garam masala, and South Indian sambar & rasam powders).  As soon as we landed in a town, we visited the super market (Carrefour or Anonima) and stocked up on white rice, any beans/lentils like kidney, garbanzo, or white peas), oil, salt, eggs, yogurt, bread, and all sorts of vegetables.  Our menu every night had cooked rice, a side of indian style beans (rajma, channa, etc), and a side of South Indian curry (potatoes, carrot, beetroot, etc).  Maybe the water was different or we were starved for Indian food, but everything came out delicious!

Plain yogurt was a little hard to come by, so we stocked up whenever we found some.  There was a brand called ‘Dahi’, and it had awesome indian-style non-gooey yogurt.  Whenever we found that brand, we felt we had hit the jackpot and stocked up on multiple bottles of it!

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