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A Vegetarian Weekend in Miami Beach!

We spent a relaxing and food-coma inducing weekend in Miami Beach, after dropping Baby V off with my parents! We took a late night flight into Fort Lauderdale (flights are usually cheaper into this airport than the one in Miami), and took a taxi into Miami Beach.

We stayed at the historic Clay Hotel on Espanola way. I would highly recommend this place! It was close to the main restaurant district (right above them, in fact), two blocks away from the beach, and the room price included free lounge chairs and umbrellas. There was also a free breakfast, but we never woke up early enough to take advantage.

Check here to see if the clay hotel has rooms for your stay

Even though it was past midnight when we landed, we were hungry and went out looking for some late night eats.  We found La Sandwicherie, a sandwich counter serving fresh sandwiches. While it tasted decent, it might have been better if the bread wasn’t so hard.  I would recommend getting the croissant instead of the french bread, and ask for the sauce.  Good thing was that it was open past 2AM!

La Sandwicherie, Miami Beach

After having our fill, we went back to our hotel and checked in for the night.  Our next two days in Miami Beach were

9 thoughts on “A Vegetarian Weekend in Miami Beach!

  1. John

    Although I am not a full time vegetarian, occasionally I do enjoy meatless meals. The sandwich looks great, but I am definitely a soft bread kind of guy.

  2. bruceschinkel19

    Wow, that sandwich counter looks awesome … one of my favourite things to try while travelling!

  3. fouronaworldtrip

    I am not a vegetarian neither but I always prefer veggies and salads over meat and this sandwich looks delicious! With all the greens in it, its hard to imagine that the bread wasn’t great ; too bad!

  4. Wanderlust Vegans

    I’m glad you were able to find some veggie stuff to eat. Have you ever tried the website/app Happy Cow? It can help you find veggie, vegan and veg-friendly places to eat. You can also use apps/websites like foursquare and trip advisor and search vegetarian.

    1. ps376 Post author

      Yes, I have used it. I typically search for places to try on Happy Cow, TripAdvisor, and Yelp and shortlist the places I want to try. I go so far as reading menus even before leaving, so I’m sure that there are at least one or two items that are interesting to me 🙂

  5. thesanetravel

    A Clay hotel looks like a great place to stay. Even I am not vegetarian, It’s interesting to learn about options available. Thanks for sharing!

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