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Coorg: Day 2: Dubare Elephant Camp

After a relaxing stay at Ajantha Homestay, we were ready for our last attraction in Coorg.  The host provided us with a South Indian breakfast of Idli, Vada, and Sambar.  The coffee was instant, and we were provided with milk that we could boil and use.  Outside the house, we could see the green hills and mist surrounding us.

After a filling breakfast, we set out for the day towards the elephant camp.  Dubare Elephant Camp is a elephant training center some 30 minutes from Coorg, towards Bangalore.  You can watch elephants taking a bath in the River Cauvery, and interact with them for an extra fee.  We started our drive around 9AM.

The driver had warned us that the elephants come to bathe at strict times.  After a call, he informed us that the elephants had started arriving at the river bank.  When we arrived at the centre, there was a HUGE line of tourists waiting to cross the river by boat.  Several people were crossing the river by foot as well, since it was somewhat shallow.

You had to reach the opposite bank to be close to the elephants.  We paid the fee and stood in the slow moving line. There were only 2 to 3 boats that were taking visitors to the opposite bank, so the line moved slowly.  As we were standing in line, we could see several elephants arrive and start bathing and playing in the water!

By the time we were close to the beginning of the line, they announced that the boats would stop running since it was 11AM, and would only reopen at 4.30PM for the afternoon session. We admired the elephants for some more time wondering what to do.  Since I didn’t want to cross the river with my toddler, I decided to cross it myself, leaving the rest of our group to care for her.  There were several people crossing, and I could ask for help when I hit a tough spot.

Midway through, a message was passed that the gate was really closed, and it was time to turn back.  So, I hopped back on the same rocks and came back ashore.

The drive back to Bangalore was uneventful, and was around 5 hours.  We stopped for lunch at Adyar Anand Bhavan on the highway, which was pretty decent.  It also had a kids play area that my daughter enjoyed.

That ended our very short visit to cool Coorg!

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