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Munnar and Athirapally Falls!

In the summer of 2017, I decided to quit my job and take some time off before I joined my next job.  I spent the summer in Chennai with my daughter.  After my husband joined us, it was time to spend some time exploring India, which we hardly get to do during other visits.

Our first trip was to the state of Kerala.  I had planned a 5 day trip starting in Coimbatore, spending 3 days in Munnar, a hill station, and 2 days at Athirapally falls, the largest waterfalls in the state.  Below is our itinerary:

I was a little hesitant traveling in India, since I hadn’t done so in a while, and I had a toddler with me.  But our trip went off without a hitch, and our daughter loved it!  Several things made our trip delightful:

  • Staying at The Shade homestay in Munnar.  This was one of the best places we stayed in, and some of the best home cooked food we have eaten.
  • Our driver, Albin from Just Taxi Holidays.  He knew all the right information, and was an exceptional driver.
  • Kerala is probably the cleanest state in India.  Tourist facilities were well developed, and food everywhere was delicious!
  • We traveled during the monsoon season, so while it was raining off and on, Kerala is best experienced during this time.  There were waterfalls everywhere, and the hills were a shimmering green.

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