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Munnar: Day 2: Top Station & Attukkadu waterfalls!

Our second day in Munnar started off with a yummy and traditional Kerala breakfast of Puttu (made with broken rice) and Kadalai curry (brown beans) made by the host at The Shade.  This was so yummy, I ate that full tube you see here.

Our driver, Albin, picked us up at our guesthouse, and we started to our first attraction in Munnar, Top Station.  This used to be a railway station back in the day, where tea leaves used to be sent to other parts of India.  The station no longer exists, but the drive up the mountains is breath taking, and you can spend some time up top, taking in the views.  It was a 2 hour drive from Munnar.

A trail goes down, stopping at different lookouts.  We didn’t go down all the way (since you have to climb back up, and that’s no fun).

There is a watch tower as well, if you want to get up higher.

We spent about an hour at Top Station, walking around, and had some tea as well.  As we were coming back down, it was time for lunch.  Unfortunately, there are no decent restaurants (vegetarian) around Top Station.  But since we were traveling with a toddler, sticking to schedule is very important.  So, we stopped at the only restaurant we saw on the way.

It served non-vegetarian food as well, but had a vegetarian rice plate. It tasted decent.

As we headed back down the mountains, we stopped at Echo Point.  Normally, you could shout here and hear an echo back.  Unfortunately, there hadn’t been much rain this season, and the low water meant no echos.  Still, the surrounding misty mountains were pleasant to look at.

Continuing towards Munnar, we wanted some close up shots of the tea plantations around us.  So, we got out at a random spot on the road, and walked through the plants.

Our final stop for the day was Attukkadu falls.  This falls is usually not on any tourist route, and I happened to find it by accident.  I wasn’t ready to go back to our room since it was only 4pm.  Our driver suggested a tea museum which did not really interest me.  So, I started a google search for waterfalls in the area, and this one popped up right on our route back.  So, we took a mini detour to see the falls, which turned out to be a good decision!

First view of the falls from the road

As you’re coming down towards the falls, you get a view of the large cascade from the road.  As you get closer, that view vanishes and you can only see the base of the falls.

It was around 6pm at this point, so we decided to head back to our room.  After some relaxation, it was time for dinner!  Menu for the day was egg curry and Idiyappam (white rice noodles).  As usual, it tasted delicious!  And, it was so convenient to have dinner right in the house, without having to go in search of it at a restaurant (not an easy task with a toddler).

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