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Munnar: Day 5: Vazhachal waterfalls & Thumboormuzhi Dam

Our day at The Green Trees started off with breakfast that consisted of both Kerala specialties such as Aapam and stew, and continental such as cereal and bread.  As we were having breakfast, the manager asked us if we would like to do some fishing in their pond.  Since we’d never done that before, we agreed.

After catching the fish, we let it back in the pond.  If they catch a larger fish, they use it in their cooking.  Since we were vegetarian, we weren’t too keen on keeping any fish.

After breakfast, we checked out of The Green Trees and headed towards Vazhachal waterfalls.  On the way, there was another falls on the road.

Vazhachal falls were more of a fast flowing river than a tall falls.  But it was still beautiful to look at.  The park was neatly organized, with a trail running the length of the river.  There was a nice garden next to the falls as well.

We found a spot where we could get in and stand in the shallow part of the river.

After spending an hour near these falls, we started our drive back towards Cochin.  We stopped for lunch at The Banana Leaf, and the food was superb.

Since we still had time for our flight out from Cochin, which wasn’t until 9pm, we decided to head to Thumboormuzhi dam.  It was around 30 minutes from Vazhachal falls, in the direction of Cochin.  This turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip!

Thumboormuzhi dam and garden has a small entrance fee, and you could spend at least half a day wandering around here.  The river here is flowing in rapids, and there is a man made dam of sorts that creates waterfalls and small cascades.

After an initial garden, there is a long hanging bridge that takes you to the other side of the river.

Views from the hanging bridge are awesome!

After crossing the bridge, we were able to get close to the water in some spots.  In one spot, the water was flowing over some steps, so we could get our feet wet. 

Walking further into the park, we could cross the stream on some rocks to reach some spots that would let us get into the water more.

Once we reached the river bank, we looked for a rock that we could relax on for a bit.

We spent some half an hour, sitting on some rocks, with our feet in the refreshing and cool water! All around us was green, tropical forest, and we could hear jungle sounds, along with the fast gurgling of the river.  This is what you come to Kerala for!

We finally had to head back towards the hanging bridge, as it was getting time for us to leave.

As we were leaving the bridge, a guard pointed out something below the bridge to us.

It was two snakes, coiled together!  If I had seen this before, I would never have gotten into the water earlier!

After watching the snakey spectacle, we spotted a children’s park.  Our daughter enjoyed the slides and swings for a while.

Sadly, it was time to leave for the airport.  Our entire Kerala trip was delightful, and this last stop was a cherry on the top!  Everything on our trip went per plan, and we’ve fallen in love with Kerala.  Hopefully, we will come back here another time.

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