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El Salvador for 4 days!

We took our 3 year old daughter to the amazing country of El Salvador for a short, 4 day trip in February of 2018. Despite all the hearsay about how dangerous the country is, we found it as safe as traveling anywhere else in the western world. To top it off, it was untouristy and had very friendly people. I would highly recommend visiting this country, if you get a chance!

We rented a car from Avis and did a small road trip from the capital. Since it is a small country, most sights can be visited in a few days. Our El Salvador trip had the following itinerary:

Items we took with us:

  • We took our daughter’s car seat, which we checked in at the airport, and used in the rental car. We checked in her stroller as well.
  • We use a car seat bag when checking in a car seat, to protect it. We also stuff the bag with our jackets and other bulky items, since the check in is free and it saves space in our luggage!
  • A Garmin GPS that came in handy when road tripping across the country, pre-loaded with an open source map and GPS coordinates.  You can download offline maps on your phone as well.
  • The Google Translate app on your phone, with the Spanish dictionary downloaded for offline use.
  • An El Salvador travel guide book
  • Travel packing cubes made packing and traveling light easy!  Each of us gets one pod!

Feel free to post any questions in the comments!

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