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El Salvador: Day 3: Juayua to Santa Ana

We started off the day leaving our room in Hotel Juayua.  The garden outside our room had really nice views of the mountains around us.

Our room at Hotel Juayua

A friendly cat at Hotel Juayua

After checking out of our hotel, we first drove to the town of Ataco, famous for its murals.

We walked around the central market

Next, we drove to Santa Teresa hot springs. While the road to the springs was bumpy, the experience was worth it.  There were pools and waterfalls (manmade, but fed with natural hot springs) that you could relax in.  There was also hammocks that you could lounge in.  Do not miss!

Pools at Santa Teresa Hot Springs Resort

The resort had a restaurant where we had an amazing meal with rice, beans, and veggies.

After lunch, we continued driving on the flowers route.

Next up, was the highlight of our trip. This place wasn’t even listed on most guidebooks or itineraries…I found it by accident.  Between Ataco and Santa Ana, off on a bypass, was a hot waterfall!  A hot springs fed into a waterfall, only known to locals!

The locals call it El Salto, and it is listed as Salto de Malacatiupan on Google. If you go to El Salvador for one thing, it should be this!

After spending a couple of hours at this hot waterfall, we were ready to turn it for the day.  We continued driving towards Santa Ana, the second largest city in El Salvador.  We stayed at Hotel Casa Verde, a hostel.  We really enjoyed our stay here. The host was friendly, our room had a private bath, and there was a common, well-equipped kitchen where we made our own dinner.

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