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Norway: Day 1: Bergen

We started by taking an overnight flight from Washington, DC to Bergen, via Copenhagen. The flight got in around 9.30AM. I had reserved a rental car at Budget in Bergen airport. Getting the car was easy, and soon we were headed out of the airport.

I had reserved an apartment within walking distance to the tourist sights via AirBnB, so we drove straight to that. If you don’t have an account on AirBnB, use this link to register for one:

Parking was a bit confusing, and after enquiring with some neighbors, we were told that we need to register or buy parking. The neighbors were kind enough to sell us their day pass for $5, so we were set for the day.

AirBnB in Bergen
Park near the apartment

After checking in, we were jet lagged because of the red eye flight, so we all crashed. We eventually woke up around 4pm, and decided to check out Bergen. We first walked to Fløibanen, a tram/furnicular that takes you up a mountain. It was a 15 minute walk from our apartment, and the ride up was fun. The view from the top was beautiful. Our daughter especially enjoyed it because there was a really neat playground up there.


In addition to the views and the playground, there was a restaurant and bar. We were surprised to find some really good vegetarian options such as a tasty wrap, and some roasted vegetables (they tasted better than they sound). After enjoying dinner, we headed back down on the tram, and walked around Bergen.

We walked along the main wharf, grabbed some ice cream, and enjoyed the crowded streets. Since it was peak summer, it was light out past 10pm. But we were tired from our trip, so we turned it in for the night. As we walked back to our apartment, we did some grocery shopping for the remaining week.

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