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Norway: Day 2: Bergen to Gudvangen


We were able to climb up some of the rocks for better pictures. The water is a bit too cold to get wet in.


Continuing our drive towards Gudvangen, we drove through Stalheimskleiva, which is a very scenic drive down the mountains and into the valley of Flam. We noticed a hike to another waterfalls called Stalheimsfossen, so we stopped to stretch our legs.


The hike was more of a walk, and took around 15-20 mins. It was nap time for our daughter, so we took her in her stroller. The path wasn’t paved and was pretty bumpy, but she didn’t seem to care!



After the waterfall walk, we continued driving and reached our accommodations in Gudvangen. I had booked us 2 nights at Gudvangen Camping. We felt Gudvangen was much less touristy than nearby Flam, and enjoyed the rustic cabin we stayed in. It had a kitchen, bedroom, living room and bath.

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