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Norway: Day 5: Lom to Geiranger

Today, we plan to continue our drive to Geirangerfjord from Lom. We started off the morning from our farm stay at Kvaale Gard, a place I would highly recommend to stay in if you get a chance!

We first went into the town of Lom to have breakfast and check out some sights. Lom is famous for having a stave church, an iconic Norwegian church. We didn’t go inside, but the church and town were interested to look at.

River in Lom

After breakfast, we started our few hours drive to Geiranger. More stunning scenery later, we reached Dalsnibba – a mountain top lookout over Geirangerfjord.

After stopping at the lookout for some time, we continued our drive down to the fjord, stopping for photos along the way. The scenery around Geirangerfjord was like nothing I’d ever seen!

After reaching Geiranger, we checked into our place for the night, a two bedroom apartment booked on AirBnB (If you’re new to the platform, I would recommend registering first using this link to get a discount). The apartment was conveniently located on the fjord, walking distance to parking, supermarkets, and restaurants. I was really hoping to stay at Westeras Gard, but it was unfortunately not available during my dates. I would highly recommend you check this farm stay out.

We settled into Geiranger for the night, did some grocery shopping, had dinner, and relaxed next to the gorgeous fjord.

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